Friday, October 12, 2007

loving life

Such a tiring day after running around at the airport from 0900 till 1800.
OMIGOD... felt like chopping the legs so I dont have to bear with the pain *aihh...* and wish there's a cool cute looking massager to help me ease the pain *tsah...

Anyway, good news:
- Parents are coming to town tomorrow *but...exam is coming on Monday
- Won Jang is coming next Monday *heyllooo dude....cya very very soon
- Counting down to my training flight *yeay yeay...scary sia
- From Tuesday onwards, we can wear more casually and put on only light make-up *HOORAY
- I'm gonna receive $150 Borders e-card from NTU SCI *haha... since 2006 man!
- My USB ports are now working. Thanks much Sharon!
- Missing my friends in Ukraine *hiks... but it's a good sign, isn't it?

Bad news:
- I am broke... *as always
- In need of exercise and shedding some weight
- Tired.... physically, mentally and spiritually
- Aint a fighter *if u know what I mean
- In need of upgrading my brain's HDD and RAM, incl 'turn off' time
- Constipation *grrr....

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