Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Indonesian Arts Festival 2007

Just a simple one-word to describe IAF 07


From the opening dance, traditional folk songs that were modified into a more modern style, unbelivable beautiful Kecak dance, long-awaited Saman dance that allows me to put my hat off again *salute salute*, the band and the models, superbly hilarious skits, .... ....

TOMPI and Eka Mariana managed to entertain me whole night long. They're such a great entertainer and performer who know how to interact with the audience *applause*. Love it to the max!

To top it off... the sweet 'public proposal' of Tompi's guitarist to the pretty background singer *even from far away I can see she is gorgeous* by singing...Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You.... *duh.... mupeng mode deh* that made the girls went ga ga.

Simply put, I am PROUD to be an Indonesian.

Even Zack, a Vietnamnese friend, was WOW-ed by the show.

Too bad, I was so engrossed by the performances, I forgot to take pics

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