Sunday, September 23, 2007

another weekend juz passed

Welcome back Monday!!

Entering our 4th week.... getting closer to our 1st exam....

and yeah... collected my 1st set of 'Kebaya' uniform on Saturday :)

I decided to consult a skin doctor and waved good-bye to a couple of hundred bucks *hiks hiks NOOOOOOO* rather than having my skin getting worse and risking getting grounded for that *and still have to consult a doctor then*....

so there I was...waiting patiently to 'donate' to him

and he drew my blood *arghhh....huhuhu


and with that, I pronunce NO MORE money-spending activities till next month *which is a few days away haha...*

stayed at home and read my 15cm materials for the exam...
accompanied by a couple of movies and my lil sis too...
and to top it off...

I AM SO HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY when Richard *my brother in Ukraine* came online and we talked.... OMG I am so so so so happy *wakaka...

Have a great week ahead all

ps: PH, be more careful next time k!

pps: More votes for LP... but I AM BROKE!!!

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