Friday, August 03, 2007

that one phone call

Feel so cheated when I received that phone call.

She told me that I have yet to finish the whole recruitment process (Geez... after 5 stages of tests and a review, followed up with filling up the S-pass form and a medical check-up). They need to assess my Bahasa Indonesia fluency, so there will be a phone interview by a senior stewardess. And till I receive an official offer in black and white and put down my signature on the contract, I am NOT in and part of them. What???

Maybe I should start reading more articles in Bahasa Indonesia and not English and converse in a much proper language and start rehearsing 'Welcome to ... . Thank you for .... balblablablabla...' in Bahasa too. So that when I receive that call, I'll go...

Selamat siang! Terima kasih anda telah menghubungi D***a di nomor telefon ********.



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