Thursday, August 09, 2007

reading while jumping, jumping while reading

*Jumping around like a monkey* I finished my romance novel, Mirror Mirror by Betsy von Furstenberg.

*Jumping around like a frog* I bought a new games book to train my soon-getting-rusty brain, The Little Book of Sudoku.

*Jumping around like a combo of a monkey and a frog plus a kangaroo* I am ecstatic to finally get myself another great book. Inspired by Freedom Fighters, I bought The Diary of Anne Frank *yippeee....* I hope it would turn out really really inspiring and motivating. I'd love to know more about the Holocaust itself and reading it from a personal experience would definitely make it much more alive and interesting yet saddening too. Now it starts to remind me of my trip to one of the concentration camps in Gdanks, Poland. I can sense the pain, fear and sorrow when I stepped onto the camp. The movie shown was .... err *indescribable feeling.


It's Singapore's National Day today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!!

That means it is a holiday, and a holiday means my sister is free to hang out *haha* So we went to search for a special gift and yeah... we found it found it found it *I just have to repeat 3x to show how happy I am*. After which we donated some money to the shops *hihi* and received a pair of shoes and 3 necklaces in return.

Awh... Nophie brought me to a new Indo restaurant at Far East (she has never tried it herself). P*ndok Jawa Timur was empty when we arrived (and departed). Doubt for the taste?? we dared ourselves and went in. I ordered nasi campur (rice, fried diced potato in sambal, steamed long beans, chicken curry, boiled egg, and most importantly... TWO types of chili ^^) and she ordered Soto Ayam (chicken soto). Beverages? Ice Lemon Tea and Squeezed Lime Juice.

The food was yummy... the chili was nice, not as spicy as another Indo restaurant at Lucky Plaza -___-''... but too bad, we didn't feel satisfied after the meal. Unsure if it was the portion, or the steep price *haha. It was delicious, I admit, but forking S$17.50 for 2 person for such meal... hm.. not really an option in the future *wiggling my finger in front of your face lol

To complete the meal, almost 3 hours after that b-fast cum lunch cum dinner, I indulged myself in Sotong head and Chicken in Wrap from Ol* C*ang K*e while sister savoured her ice creams.

A knock on my head reminds me that I have to exercise more tomorrow. Here I come gym!! *sigh...

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