Saturday, August 18, 2007

long day... is tiring

What a longgggggggg day

09.24 Called to check on my reservation issue
09.32 Called OCBC to check my debit card problem in accordance to booking
09.40 Re-called to get my reservation done *phew... apparently, the expiry date was wrong and thus the booking couldn't be done till they receive a notification from the bank
09.48 Logged-in to My Zuji to finalize my booking *done..yippee
09.56 Rushed to take my shower *byur byur...

10.15 Dressed and got prepared to start the day
10.30 Ran to the bus stop *It was raining -___-' and I don't like carrying an umbrella...ella..ella...
10.35 On the bus to L* Crescendo *It was still raining and I needed to make sure I alighted at the right stop
10.48 Pressed the 'Bus Stopping' button and crossed the street *Thanks to an old grandma who shared her umbrella with me.. hihi so nice :)

11.00 Arrived at Lobby D waiting for the agent
11.15 Viewed the showflat *freaking nice hahaha... of course they decorated the place like a palace

12.05 Left the condo and crossed the street again
13.00 Arrived at Funan IT Mall to check my laptop
13.08 Entered Fujits* service center *wah... quite a queue and my stomach was growling
13.25 Finally it's my turn... and according to the IT guy, there are some drives that are NOT installed. So, unless I am willing to pay SGD80,- to let them do that for me, I have to figure out myself which one to install *certainly... choice of the year: self-service
13.40 LUNCH baybeh... LUNCH *woo hoo*
13.52 Couldn't finish my Ban Mian Noodles *tasteless uhukk...

14.02 Wrote my card
14.10 Rushed towards the MRT station *oh no... late late late
14.45 Arrived at Boonlay MRT station and met Alvin at EC *Thanks Alvin for being one of my messengers :) Have fun in IC
14.58 On the lift to Popular *I like reading free magazines hahaha

15.45 On the MRT to Bugis and I was soundly asleep
16.30 Ready for my Hip Hop class *tsah....
17.35 Gym gym gym *but I ain't shedding any fats, why? Ow... the gym session only made me lose 1 ounce haha

17. 55 Showered and packed up
18.20 Walked my way to Suntec City from Bugis *geez... I never knew it's not that far away -__-'
19.00 Waited for Melissa, Amy and Jing for dinner
20.00 Parkie joined us too *yeah yeah...

21.00 Sipped my Lychee Martini at Loof while catching up with Pixi
21.25 Took pics with Amy and Jing after watching the firework show
22.00 We're drop dead too tired after a day full of work and running around, so decided to leave. Yet some of them continued to Insomnia *I'm sorry...not my cup of tea and I am broke!!
22.10 Waited for Nophie at the MRT Station *it's awfully crowded because of the firework show

Finally, I reached home at around 11pm. Shoo... I am exhausted now, and I still have to think of tomorrow's ice-breaking games. 10 Korean AIESECers are in town for a study tour. Hope it's gonna be FUN tomorrow :)

On a side note, my sis had her CEO's farewell party while I had my own gathering. She did a great job in organizing the event... and she won the Best Dressed and was pursued even by the CEO *haha... and some cute guys at the office too heh!... So proud of you ^^v


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