Friday, August 31, 2007

the day i collected my pass

I am tired.

My eyes want to shut themselves desperately.

Again, I was lost on my way to STC. The intention to try taking bus to go there ended up with me taking a cab down from...... HOUGANG!! Say bye-bye to my S$12,-

Met some people from my 928 batch today. All foreigners thus far, so we shall wait till Monday to find out how many Singaporeans we have in our batch. 4 beautiful Chinese girls, 2 cute Malaysian girls, 2 friendly Malaysian guys and 3 Indonesians. So far so good... I like them and I think we will have a great fun together *fingers cross

Collected my E-pass today (have yet to figure out how to get my PR hehe), went for my kebaya's measurement and fitting and submitted my Birth cert for translation. It took almost the whole day just to finish all these.

Looking forward to Monday...

REAL LIFE?? Bring it on.... hoho

ps: Ah... had my hair cut today after over 2months haha
pps: Anyone going for Indonesian Arts Festival 2007 next Friday? TOMPI boww.....
ppps: It's been 1.5 months since I left Ukraine... still missin u guys


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