Thursday, August 30, 2007



The internet connection has been cut off by the owner. What an empty promise huh!

So guys... I'm having difficulty in getting online, MSN-ing, checking my email and not to forget... updating my blog *arghhh.....

And one of the stupid things that happened is that I didn't realize that I switched off the wireless button, and hence I couldn't go online with free Wi-Fi in town. Thanks to Erwin for reminding me of this 'button'.

So now here I am, at the airport, sitting by myself. My mom just entered the Immigration counter half an hour ago. I choose to stay and do my things.

Well... going back home was AWESOME *hahaha

Great food: Pempek, Soto, Ayam Bakar, Seafood, Gado-gado, Bakwan, Lupis, etc... *mantabh haha

Great friends: Garick and his bro, Marvin 'Papi ayam', Derry and Teddy. Too bad didn't manage to meet Andryan the-new-rocker-in-town hehe Tong was in Jakarta too for 3 days...hope you like it!



Anwyay, I watched 3 movies in 2 days: Ratatouille, Rush Hour 3 and Bourne Ultimatum. It was freaking cheap for a movie on weekdays *hahaha.... Mega Mall's 21 costs you Rp. 15,000.- (less than 3S$). I gotta say... Bourne Ultimatum is a MUST!!!!

I'm starting work on Monday... Geez, excited excited *haha. But the thought of having to wake up early in the morning and a travel trip to work that may take almost 1.5 hour kinda discouraging *lol.

Aza aza everyone... see you onboard!


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