Sunday, July 22, 2007

On a day like that day....

It was a LONG day indeed. But I love it to the max!
We planned to go parachuting on Friday (I had to go to Kiev on Sunday and on Saturday we had a Welcome and Farewell party). I started my day rushing to the Internet cafe to check my email on my Istanbul's accommodation. Foolishly, I forgot to bring my purse and so I had to run back and get it. Left with only 30 mins max to go online, I found that I had no accommodation in Instanbul, YET! Aihh...who cares, I can do this later on.
So, I met Vova, Dasha and Nastya at European Square. Dasha and Nastya then went to pay for their YouCan conference fee, while Vova and I headed to the Aerodom, the old airport where we can do parachuting. Yippee!!!
After a 20 mins marshrutka ride and almost 1 hour walk, we finally arrived at the airfield. We had to wait for the lady to register ourselves. I might need to do a training too. Fear started to creep in. What if I changed my mind? What if I couldn't open my parachute? What if...

This is Vova's plane *hahaha

Ha! that's mine...

So, while waiting for her, we took a small tour around the airfield. There were rows of planes and parapets (is this how you call the small plane being 'tied' to the big one?). At 2pm, we were sitting under the sun. Mind the sun burn!

I surrender!!
No more sun burn please

Too bad....
I couldn't go for it. The government just changed the rules a month ago. We have to transfer the fee via bank, take a training course, no T-shirt and many more...
Ah... too bad then. Maybe next time I'll have a better chance of doing some crazier things in my life.

Luckily...I took a picture of myself 'flying' *haha
I'm flying without wings...
I'm flying without parachute...

So, bye bye Plan A.
Plan B, according to Vova, was to go for horse-riding. Nick would join us in an hour's time. MacDy was our resting place while waiting for him to appear.
So, at 5pm, we took another marshrutka and went to the ranch. Somewhere near the ranch, we alighted. However, funnily.... we're just not meant to go for any activities. We couldn't find the ranch at all, not to mention to hear any horse's shrieking.
Biez probliem...we just pretended that we're on a horse :) horse? Who said so?

And on our way back to the city, as part of our custom, we took many silly pics. I really like taking random pics with you guys *haha helps to make my day

Hey Vova, don't teach me bad stuffs... *peace

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.................. -____-'
The fishes will die if I fell down haha

We're getting crazier and that's unstoppable

I swang my magic wand and here you go..:
Small small tiny Vova *hahaha...

Shto??? Argh....

The day has yet to end. We had an appointment with Sveta and Losha at 7pm at Europe Shopping Centre. I was hungry... and well, I tried Shaurma for the first and LAST time *for the time being

My first and last Shaurma *as of now* with Sveta and Alex. Yummy but unhealthy *as I was told. Thanks for the company :)

Give me back my sunshine!!
We chatted and fooled around at the embankment, one of my favourite places in Dnepro. The sunset was really gorgeous. It was rather chilly on that evening, so at almost 8.30pm we decided to head back to the centre and met some more @ers there. We had to go to the train station to pick up the @ers from Donetsk.
Anna and Gul stayed at my place. right, I am not supposed to let anyone stayover. But who cares? I am moving out anyway!
Yah.... long day... but I love it.

I zzz-ed at 3am and woke up at 7am. Get ready for a short city tour with Dianka, babes!

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