Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Live a la Ukrainian

Adapted from Open It! DNK Publication

When I go back to Singapore, I’ll take my blue camou diary with me. Inside, there are messages, pictures and Bdae greetings from the friends that I have here (@ers, students and teachers). I’d like to bring some food back to Singapore too so my friends can taste some of Ukrainian/Russian food. Not to forget, I’ll never leave without my pictures, so Gosh…please save my HDD and camera. I want my pictures intact….hiks hiks

My camou diary...precious!

What things do you do in Ukraine which you never did before at home? Or rarely do…
There are so many things that I do here which are normal that sometimes I kinda forget that it’s not usual back in my home country.
1. Kiss on the cheek when I greet my friends and the constant hugs ;)
2. Jokes on some taboos matter and being open about it
3. Travelling on public transport almost each and every day, otherwise it’d be walking towards the city centre, the beach or DAFI (I don’t go around in public transport in Indonesia and in Singapore, well…. Don’t travel out to the city every day for sure and it’s freaking costly there, unlike here in Ukraine)
4. Eating with fork and not spoon. Spoon is solely for soup here
5. Walking with a boy. Not that we don’t do it in Singapore or Indonesia, but people tend to be more cautious on walking with an opposite sex, just the two of them. Here….nah, it’s nothing.
6. Going out in shorts *hahaha….guys, you know better that I don’t do this in Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia
7. Depositing my bag into a locker when I go to the supermarket or shops
8. Playing freaking ‘scary and crazy’ games *huhuhu* or meeting some random crazy people on the streets
9. Feeling excited when I see some Asians on the streets LOL ^o^
10. Taking pictures of the sceneries. The sunset and sunrise here are amazingly gorgeous
11. …

On our way to Mr Smak, we found this church. Well, I never knew there's a church there :)

What things did you do at home that you would never do here?
1. No spicy food. No chili except ketchup. Even when I went to a Japanese restaurant, I couldn’t find soya sauce and chili powder -___-‘’
2. Making appointments days or even weeks in advance so that we can organize our schedule. Here in Ukraine, everyone is more flexible and the pace is not as fast as Singapore. People tend to enjoy life to the max, so making appointment a few hours in advance is common. On the other hand, a change to the plan in a short notice is unavoidable too.
3. Reading English newspaper to update myself or going online almost 24/7 *hahaha
4. Going to the cinema. Just because everything is dubbed into Russian *huhuhu
5. …

My artwork with a marker....cool? hahaha

What change of mentality did you experience?
I’ve known myself better since my arrival here, what I can do and can’t do, what I like and dislike, what I want to do and who I want to be. I’m also more open and receptive towards differences in action and opinions. I’m still trying to be more tolerant and less moody. I value more on the small little things that happen and be more grateful on the things that happened, happen and will happen. I’m ‘conserving’ more positivity in life.

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