Tuesday, July 24, 2007

back back back

Ow...I forgot to say...

I AM BACK in Singapore!!

It's not as hot as Ukraine now. It was around 26-28 degree in Singapore when it was 55 degree in Dnepropetrovsk. Imagine that!

On my first day here, it was really strange for me to see so many Asians on the street ^^' and I almost forgot how to order my food. It took me some time to process their questions. Another thing, I ate noodles for 3 consecutive days haha *I just miss them

Comments that I received so far *well, I haven't met that many people yet
- You're seriously tanned -___-' like Spore girls
- Ow...I notice the difference now. You don't use Singlish, no more accent *wahaha...
- Nice hair style *yeah... as of now, NOT a month ago, I think :)
- ....
h...as of now, NOT a month ago. I think

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