Sunday, June 10, 2007

treats everyday as the first

My first trip to Donetsk

My first rock-climbing

My first boat ride at Dnepr River

My first sunrise in Ukraine

My first sleepless night under the stars


I went to Donetsk yesterday with Yana, Dasha, Vova and Sergey. We met the @ers there. It's totally different from Kyiv and Dnepropetrovsk. It's more 'modern' and European than Dnepro. It's cleaner and there're less cars and people, unlike Kyiv and Dnepro where it's sooo crowded *hehe*

The train was late for 1 hour, so instead of arriving at 11am, we arrived at 12noon. On the train, I taught some Chinese to the guys and learned a few more Russian words. Not bad heh! Then, we went to Liverpool Cafe for lunch. Afterwhich, I was challenged by Vova to do rock-climbing outside the cafe. Bozhe's freaking cheap. At only 5rph (1USD) *hohoho*. My heart was thumping but well, when else? So yeah...I did it. My first rock-climbing and it really ROCKS. Thanks Vova!

After that, we went to a park where there were many brides and grooms taking pictures. The park has many funny statues, from Horoscope, Ukraine's cartoon characters, to specially designed 'bridges' for the couples to take pictures, I suppose. We took many crazee pictures as always. Then, we walked to the city centre... it was sooooo COOL!!! Wahaha.... and to make it more fun, I was surrounded by FUN CRAZY people *lol

Anyway, we planned to go to a rooftop of a building. Too bad it's locked, so we ended up at the Riverside. Still, I like it. It's so beautiful and peaceful for me.

At night, we arrived at 10pm in Dnepropetrovsk. I was welcomed by Sasha and his friends at the train station, and they were doing a 'One Wish' video project. Crazy people coz I have to act in their scenes too *hoho*. Then it's followed by a 'Night Walk' session with the other @ers. We took a boat ride at the Dnepro river, picnic under the stars, Treasure Quest and so on.

I had my first sunrise at the beach. It was freaking cool - ochin kruta. Although there's a problem of finding a toilet for myself and I was exhausted from my Donetsk trip, I really appreciate what they did. Thanks muchie friend :)


My laptop is ALIVE!! Thanks to Vova and Lesha. Too bad that Fujitsu is not a popular choice here, so they couldn't find the soundcard disc... my lappie has no sound now. Furthermore, the windows is in Russian... cool man!

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