Thursday, July 19, 2007

One of the best...ever

A LONG due post, am so sorry....

but the content is always VALID.

Thanks for the surprise Bdae party! It was one of the best Bdae ever in my life ^.^

I arrived in Dnepropetrovsk at around 1.30pm after spending 2 week at ‘Starry’ camp site. I reached my flat at 2.15pm as we had to reload and store the stuffs we brought to the camp. I needed desperately to wash my laundry and had a great relaxing shower (finally..phew! The water at the camp site contains iron, and it makes your hair frizzy. And it smells).

Kate and Ira arrived at 3.10pm. They told me that we’re going to an @ girl’s party. But I wanted to have my hair cut before hand. So, after showing them pictures from the camp, we left to the hair dresser, but Ira has to go back to take a cassette.

There I was…looking at my new short hair on the mirror. I didn’t know if I like it…short short short..and makes me look chubby and boyish *I think -___-‘*. Anyway, it will grow *muahaha*. But I am imagining myself in such a short hair for my convocation…Ugh!

After I had my hair cut, we met Ira and then took a marshrutka to the party place near my flat. We met Losha and Yulia at the entrance. Then we saw Vova walking towards us. Waved frantically *hahaha*. Greetings on the cheek to all and then I received a bouquet of flowers from Vova. Still, I had no idea what was about to happen as we went down the staircase to enter the shop. As I stepped in, I was greeted by a ‘Happy Birthday’ song by all of them. Bozhe bozhe…Surprise! I didn’t expect it at all.

I was speechless coz it was just too beautiful. At a small cosy cake shop, there were only 12 of us celebrating my Bdae. They gave me a secret friend to accompany my travelling trip, a soft pillow. A cute Giraffe. Toasts were exchanged as well as words and testimonials from all of them. From cute, intelligent, energetic, cheerful, funny, smile-ful to charismatic. I couldn’t ask for more… it was really sweet and beautiful for me. They later asked me to give a short speech and I didn’t know what to say. A very unorganized speech I suppose *hohoho. So, we had another round of Happy Bdae song, make a wish and then we played ‘Gagu’ *wahahaha…so fun.

But, that was only the first round.

It was raining outside so we couldn’t go anywhere and had to wait for some time. They started walking in and out the store, and I thought they were checking the rain or how to go to our second destination. Yet, I was wrong. They were preparing something.

I had to stand in the centre while they sang Happy Bdae. I was abit freaked out coz I was some more crazy surprise *as always*. Then, Kate told me that Vova would give the second surprise, and they were joking about getting Vova as my present *hahaha….a night with Vova ^.* hahaha. Apparently, he prepared a card with our pictures and messages from all of them at the back of the card. Owh…I love it much!

Then we headed to the city centre and met a few more @ers there. It was a real honour to have them celebrating my Bdae. The gathering was then followed by a dinner at an Italian restaurant at MOST. We ordered pizzas and I finally had the chance to use chopsticks again *for FUN ONLY lar.

Ow…and here is the custom for the Bdae girl -__-‘:

23 times….

It was one of the best Bdae ever. I was grateful, and I still am. Thanks much for all the surprises; I really didn’t expect it to be like that at all.

Thanks Kate, Ira, ‘dancing’ Vova, ‘curly’ Vova, Losha, Inna, Sasha, Julia, Nikolay, Richard, Nikundj, Dasha, Yulia, Artem, Lesha and Denise. Bolshoye spasibo, muchas gracias, terima kasih banyak, thanks a lot!

Love you guys….MUCHIE! You made it even more difficult to leave.

Geez…my mellow mood is on.

I am gonna MISS you guys like crazy.

Err…nope, I already am *sigh*.

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