Thursday, June 28, 2007

My first Summer Camp

Two weeks ago, on Monday, I went for my first Summer Camp with European Grammar School. It took us around 1 hour to reach ‘Starry’, our Summer Camp site. It was 11am when we reached there. I was tired and I slept throughout the journey. Hm…I was at Donetsk on Saturday, and returned the same evening and it continued with the Night Walk. So, basically I didn’t sleep until Sunday morning.

The camp site is more like a summer cottage. It belongs to one of the directors of the school. It has a swimming pool, tennis and football court, an open stage, an outdoor area for disco in the evening, a dining hall, a playground and a dorm for us. It also has several ‘houses’ for their special guests. The coolest thing is that it has a direct gate to the Samara River, just right behind the site. Woo hoo….

The first few days were a disaster to me. No one really speaks English, including the teachers. The English teacher would only be there on Thursday onwards. Some senior students can speak English but they were busy having fun with their friends. I had no idea what to do and how I could be of help. Geez….simply frustrating!

On the second day, I was told that I have English lessons 30 minutes before it started. To make it worse, the students went for this camp to have fun, they didn’t want to study anything, especially the senior students. I was upset when they showed me their attitude, a so-what kind of attitude. For God’s sake, I don’t respect you when you don’t respect me too. Teaching the small kids was not easy too as no one speaks English, so I had to use simple words, body language and acting skill. The good thing is… they’re easy to satisfy. Play some games and they’d be very happy.

At times, I felt lost and had no idea what to do. The same programmes almost every morning and afternoon made it looked like a routine for me. I was lost, what I could do there without a book to read, computer to write or play games and so on. I was desperate to end this camp. I wish I had my real friends there at the camp so I wouldn’t feel so lost and bored.

However, there were also good times too. We had Sports Day where we played football. Teachers vs students, too bad…we lost 5-9 *hahaha*. But the female teachers were simply impressive, they didn’t afraid of the ball and they used any parts of their body *I mean *ss and head. I was also in the recreational games where we had to pass the ball, crawl under the chair, walk on your hands and feet, and many more. I got my firsts bruises and scratches from here.

We also had performances, from dances, singing to dramas. Teachers were involved in the show; boys dressed as girls, girls dressed as guys. I had an enjoyable time watching the performances. At least we have three different shows. I was once involved in synchronized swimming performance with the senior female students, but it was on stage and we pretended that we’re in the swimming pool. It was fun.. and funny ^^’

In the evening, from 8pm onwards, it’s a boogie time. Disco sessions for all. The interesting thing is that they have ‘Bielle’ and ‘Wild’ dance. It’s for slow dance and bielle means the girl will ask the boy to dance with her and wild is the other way round *if I’m not mistaken. It was so sweet (and beautiful) to look at the Grade 3-4 students asking their loved ones to dance with them. Hehehe… I would say we don’t usually have this in our countries. C’mon….girls and guys...slow dance (or couple dance)…at school…encouraged by the teachers?

Nevertheless, I was ecstatic when I learned that some @ers were planning to pay me a visit. And they really did, on Sunday afternoon. I was overjoyed, beyond words. They really made it for me, they had to walk over 3 hours in total, a marshrutka ride to the city and risked being lost in the forest. Anyway, we had fun on the beach playing football, volleyball, charade and catching up. It was the best day ever in the camp *hahaha* Muchas gracias, amigos!

Ow…y’know what? I got sick of the food during the camp. It’s always potato, macaroni or unknown type of rice with a piece of meat. The portion was so small at times. I had enough potato!

Well, there’s more to say about the camp. Overall, it’s still an enriching experience with its ups and downs. But if I had to be there once again without my friends, I would raise my hand and tell you, “Talk to my hand!” *hahaha

Some Russian words to learn:

- Spasibo (read: spasiba): Thanks
- Pozhalusta: Please or you’re welcome
- Poka (read: paka): Bye
- Uvi dimsya: See you again
- Udachi: Good luck
- Klasna or kruta: Cool
- Privet (read: Pri-viet): Halo (informal)
- Kak dela (read: kak diela): How are you?
- Horosho (read: harosho): Good
- Ochin horosho: Very good
- Ochin ploho: Very bad
- Dela horosho (read: diela harosho): Everything is good
- Shto: What?
- Pochemu: Why?

That’s the lesson for today *hehehe* for additional words, charges applied.

Dianochka ^o^

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