Wednesday, June 27, 2007

From Dnepropetrovsk with Love

An outdoor Global Village picnic at the left bank of Dnepropetrovsk.
Some of us enjoying the sun...*huhuhu
I've been to the beach many more times than when I was in Singapore. Wakaka.. am a dark dark dark Asian girl
At Global Park with free ice-cream (marozhena) from Losha (2nd from left). Guess who is the oldest?

My second trip to Donetsk, 300km from Dnepropetrovsk. We were invited to participate in their Global Village. It's at a park and open for public. It was FUN FUN FUN. Anyway, I had my hair cut on my Bdae, and it is ^^

We're invited for @Donetsk Global Village. A 4-hour trip to reach there, and of course there's always time for pictures *hehe
My new short hairstyle....huhuhu I look so chubby and boyish now -__-'

Four people from @Dnepropetrovsk attending the Global Village.
Nikundj from India, Dianochka in Singapore Airline's costume and Vova (@Dnepropetrovsk LCVP Project and Learning Network). Richard from Colombia is not in the picture.

Crazy pic? nah..its normal

We're innocent...please...please...

You see the pizza resto over there? You see it?
I finally tried it yesterday hahaha

I like this pictures so muchhhhhhhhhh.... Cool? Kruta?

With the @ers and trainees at Donetsk.
L-R: Gul (Turkey), Dianochka (Spore/Indonesia), Roslan (Ukraine), Richard (Colombia), Yulia (Ukraine), Dida (Turkey) and Oksana (Ukraine, @Donetsk LCP)

We stayed at Vanya's house in a village at Donetsk. A whole night party and games that freaked me out. I only slept for an hour. Pic was taken at 6.30am

Back at Dnepropetrovsk. I am currently free as a bird, no more school.

On the phone with Losha...Alo!! Privet! Where are you?

We are a happy family...wakaka

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