Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Not too many pics....I dunno why it cant load :(

The cool family in Kyiv. They were really awesome and almost made my tears flow. Going with us to the train station, running to catch the train, helping me with my luggages, checking in and dancing in front of the train for the farewell... *you guys are CRAZY, but I love you all still

My first day of work, we stopped by at a Flowers Market. Simply beautiful!
It was still cold at that time... look at my clothes :)

I am going to Donetsk this Saturday with some friends...unsure who they are for now. It's a small town outside Dnepropetrovsk, maybe 3-4 hours to reach there. So, better leave early in the morning so we can come back on time, coz they lock my flat's main door at 11pm. Hope it's a great trip.

Talking about main door, I was locked outside my flat twice already. I have no key for the main door, and I don't feel like asking for one *it creates bad image for me haha
- One, it's after the disco. It's 2am and we had to wake the people at level one up. He was angry for sure and spoke in Russian. I had nothing else to say except sorry and thank you.
- Two, I went for an evening walk with Vova to see the city. It's so cool at night *hoho I've never been there at night* and we returned at 11.20pm. Yap, again..I have to wake some people up and thanks God, the girl speaks English. Otherwise, she wouldn't want to open the door at all.
- I hope there won't be any third time haha

Anyway, I am leaving for the Summer Camp from 11th - 23rd June. So, from next Monday onwards, I won't check my emails, update my blog or do anything online. I hope it's gonna be a great camp, not too scary. I was informed today that Oleg, the English teacher from the school, is going to be at the camp only for 1 week. So, I am gonna be left by myself....and some nice students who are willing to help me out, I hope. Well, with regards to the camp, I have to buy some new shirts and a swimming suit too... huhuhu

Okie...will update again... I am seriously darker than when I arrived here. We went to a river for a picnic last Saturday, and thus.... I am darker hahaha we played truth or dare, my fave game. My dare?? don't ask me.

Take care ^^

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