Monday, May 07, 2007 I come

So they asked, "Why Ukraine?"

and some even mistook it as UK -__-'

Hm...lemme see:
  1. I like the JD and the project scope
  2. It starts at the time I want to start my internship
  3. I sent my form and CV and they like it
  4. I have never been there, so it's gonna be an exciting trip

I was pretty open on where I want to go for my traineeship. I prefer to look at the JD before the destination country. It happens that Ukraine is one of them, aside from China, Japan, Lithuania, Canada, Rusia and so on...

The intended internship period is till end of the year, but somehow they agree to take me in. So, there I go...


In my luggage + hand carry + backpack:

Gosh....anything else that I miss?

ps: Sorry guys, there is no proper farewell dinner thingie coz I'm running out of time. A friend just came from Indo too. Er... I went to the welcome dinner cum farewell dinner and the hope those were counted.

pps: Gonna miss y'all like crazy.... and food too.... and Kdorama and Jdorama... and ...

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