Wednesday, May 23, 2007

more to come...

Hola amigos!

I am back to update now. Well, I shall say it's freaking tough to update you all. I went to an Internet Cafe a few days ago and typed a long email to update all, but well....apparently times up and it just closed down. TWICE!!! grr...

Anyway, currently I am teaching at 2 schools:
1. European Grammar School
- a private school for rich kids. Maybe even the 2nd most expensive high-school in Dniepropetrovsk :)
- Challenging job! But I am getting accustomed to it and the students are getting more receptive these few days. Cool! but the small kids are wonderful *hahaha* they're sooo sweet and cute. They always greet me and hug me when they see me

2. Sam's School
- a private tuition centre, so people pay to attend and thus they really wanna learn something out of it.
- Easier to handle, but I mostly in charge of adults classes *I like kids more...and teenagers haha I wanna be a cool teacher for sure

Busy busy busy, even on Saturday.

Well, as of pictures, lappie is still not working so I cant upload my pictures too. It wont be convenient to bring my camera and wire to the Internet Cafe as well. So, sorry for now...

Btw, will update more when I have more time...looks like I am not really fated to update as often as I want. The computer just closed down again.



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