Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I don't like saying Good Bye~s

At the airport....

I am leaving in less than 30 mins alone. Long hours... hopefully they play good movies and the passenger next to me is a nice one, would be best if a good-looking one haha

Mixed feelings inside: nervous, excited, fear, scary, happy, ...
My first time travelling so far by myself. Bring it on!

Whatever it is...Shall do my very best and get out the most from this experience too.

Play a lot, eat a lot, travel a lot, talk a lot, share a lot, dance a lot, sing a lot, discuss a lot... Let's see if I'm gonna gain weight when I come back *huhuhu*

Won: Thanks for the call. Didn't expect it to receive ur call *jolly jolly* Heard that it's freaking cold, so your jacket will be a great companion

Nophie: The bed is yours :) take care lil sis

Lele: Have fun at work, rest well too. Anyway, thanks much for the Ukraine guide, I'm needing it like hell

Cit2: So glad to see you at the airport....take care and thanks for ur gift too *Haven't opened it haha

Thanks for coming friends, so happy to see you all. Coming down all the way from the other side of the city :) Thanks Lan, Lucia, Mayas, Sharon, Terence, Lele, Citra and Nophie. Ow...Zack too.

Keep you guys updated soon......jaaaaaa

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