Saturday, May 05, 2007

1st trip to Botanical Garden

After 4 years in Singapore, I finally visited Singapore Botanical Garden for the first time.

Splendid, I would say.

And it's free too *unless if you're entering the Orchid Garden, $1 for student and $5 for adult
We were there from 10.30am - 2pm. Visited Orchid Garden, Swan Lank, Evolution Garden and many more... it never occured to me that Singapore has such a beautiful 'natural' place. Must be a huge investment *it's next to Gleneagles Hospital at Tanglin, across dunno how many hectares of land and well-maintained

Far from the hustle bustle of a cosmo life, fresh air, so rejuvenating and it's free ^^

3.5 hours at Botanical Garden... thanks it didn't rain and not too warm either.
But would be great if it's slightly cooler haha

The fact is... we saw more tourists and angmohs there than Sporeans. Guess they all prefer nice cosy shopping centres *hehe pizz

Anyway, I second if we're to have a picnic or outing there. Yummy...

Thanks much for bringing me there....yeah!

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