Sunday, April 22, 2007

Moving out is women's biz heh

Yippie kayee...

I'm at my sis' place now. Just moved some of my stuffs here and now her room is kinda full *hoho

The funny thing is, the three of us: Sis, Lele and I, carried more things than the mover guy. He kept asking if I need him to carry stuffs via SMS and when he came *he was late!* ... he lazily helped us out. much for paying your labour. To make things worse, it rained!

Incident A: He smoked after he parked his car while I was waiting for him to come and help out. He definitely saw me, and I had to carried all the way to his van before he walked over

Incident B: He purposely did not want to lend his hands although he saw the girls were carrying boxes and bags. He walked pass us and pretend to carry other things

Incident C: Guess who walk the trolley?

Incident D: During unloading, he was waiting for me to carry out some boxes. I put the PC monitor and CPU on the trolley. He asked, "You wanna wait here -the van-? I wait here lar -so I would be the one carrying the monitor and CPU and the boxes to the second level-"

I said, " carry the monitor first lar, very heavy ler. I wait here lor." *grinned*

So he had to push the trolley to the stairs and carried the monitor upstairs.

But well, I carried out all the boxes and bags to the seats next to the stairs owkay... and I could see him half-heartedly carried the stuffs, one by one, small one first.

Once I finished with the van, I carried as many things as possible to the second level *hoping he would feel abit ashamed come girls are more powerful -__-'

No choice for him, he had to follow and carry too *I laughed inside haha...evil laughter..muahaha

Still, in the end, we carry more than him although he perspired too *wakaka

So, how much? "$35," he replied.

I gave him $40 and he smiled brightly. So much for a guy...

Girls are superwoman, man!
We even had to carry to the 2nd storey, to my sis room by ourselves k.

Anyway...we made it through, at least we trained some muscles, did some exercise... and now I am sitting here, munching some snacks


Heard this at 98.7fm, right after John Mayer's song...

Neighbours said that they can hear the excitement from John and Jessica's bedroom. .... ....

VJ: It isn't sexual activities, but because Jessica managed to finish the jigsaw puzzle that she just bought in TWO days. She was overjoyed as it's stated 'FOR 2-3 YEARS' and she did it in TWO days.

If you get what I mean... wakakaka


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