Wednesday, April 11, 2007

indulgence is a sin :)

It was a day of indulgence!

The AIESEC NTU Marketing workshop Organizing Committee went for a lunch with Prof Hooi and Prof Wan. He told me that we would go out of NTU for a lunch, but did not specify where and what to eat. Since we all are omnivore, we can take anything I assume.

So, this afternoon, ten of us, two cars, two allies went for a yummy treat at Singapore Yacht Club (or something like dat hehe). Cool place where we can see all the yachts on their polls and Indonesia at the end of the sea.

Since we arrived later (Prof Wan finished his class at 12.30), they had already ordered some finger food *hahaha what a right timing for us*. So, what I had today for lunch?

It was a nice lunch at a nice place with a bunch of great people. Unfortunately, careless me forgot to bring my purse and cards, so I had to return to my room and get them before I can proceed to town for my FYP meeting.

The meeting was supposed to start at 3pm at National Youth Centre, but I arrived in NTU Biz Skul at 2.50pm *hee...* So, after rushing back to my room, I decided to take a cab there and there goes my $16 *bye bye bye...

And so what is this a day of indulgence about? Only lunch right?


Since I was in town, too bad lar if I don't go, hang around, see see shop shop. But well, nothing to buy and I started to feel like munching something. There I walked into Delifrance Bistro. A 10-inch Vienna Chicken Sausage pizza and a chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream as my dessert. Totally ruin my 'waist-loss' or 'fat-burner' programme.

I ate half of the pizza *means 4 slices* and packed the rest. I passed it to Zami for his supper on my way back to my room. Btw, thanks for helping me to reformat my pc ^.*

ps: I seriously dislike all the visa application procedures. Wanna go Romania, so difficult to apply. Wanna go Rusia, even worse. Wanna go Belarus or Moldova, not easy either. Wanna go Czech Republic, needs a lot of documents. Wanna stopover at Turkey, more things to prepare. Geez... Why?

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