Thursday, April 19, 2007

free hugs for everyone

Have you heard about the Free Hugs campaign?

If not, click here>>
Sick Puppies must have lotsa big fans out there now *It's a nice song though

Brother Jing sent me the link last year and my eyes went blurry after watching it. It's so sweet. If only everyone makes that little bit of share of compassion to make this world a better place to live in.

It reaches Asia, thanks to the Internet, modernization and technological advancement.

Now, the Free Hugs campaign travels...

To Korea. From Insadong to Myong Dong. Click here>>, here>> and here>>.

To Japan. From Shibuya to Shinjuku. Click here>> and here>>.

To China. From Beijing to Shanghai. Click here>>.

To Australia, Peru, Hollywood, Italy, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Chicago, Venezuela, Tel Aviv, Mexico, France, Israel, and am sure many more.

The love spreads! and it makes someone's day, even if just a single one.

So, shall we have this in Singapore? Shall we start it? even some people from a more 'conservative' country do it, why not the Uniquely Singapore, a mixed of tradition and modernity. Although the latter surely holds a bigger portion. SHALL WE, FRIENDS?

Some observations:
1. It's not easy to start, to get people warming up to the idea of hugging a total stranger, especially in Asian countries. The chances of people looking at you, running away or snapping pictures are much higher -__-''
I like the effect where the clips start with b/w and they change to coloured when the people hugged the very first person.

2. A group work may help boosting up your comfy level and confidence, but unsure if it's the best way to start.
So, if a group of 3 people start it.... means everyone must hug at least 3 times right? cool...yeah

3. I admit they're fashionable (Korea, Japan and China). Layers of clothings, nicely styled hair... haha

4. I saw my 'Reds Go Together' shirt that I got from my @Korea friend, Andrew on a Korean kid. Miss em all. Awwhh...

5. Westerners? *if I shall use this word* are more open towards this hugging culture and campaign. So true in real life. Thanks to AIESEC for opening up my mind on this sure I won't miss all those hugs that I received thus far.

So, shall we?

Btw, have you hugged someone today? moi haven't.... ^^'

Now you must be convinced that I am bored, have plenty of 'free' time, and I don't study MUCH *sigh..

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