Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A day like today..


1. Still haven't gotten my letter from the Embassy of Ukraine (from Ukraine) to apply for my visa. Just received an email from the @er there that the Embassy apparently never really stated when they can collect the letter. So, she has been going down to the Embassy a couple of times to no avail. Moreover, the Embassy is only open on Monday and Friday.
** Gosh, so my chance is only this Friday and latest by next Monday or else... I don't even wanna think about it.

2. Went down to the travel agency today to get my itinerary (need it for my Turkey visa application). Give me a shock when the airline cancelled my flight yesterday, and she has not able to get back my seat for 28th -____-' *huhuhuhu* So, she called someone from the airline and checked on the possibility. "Quite tough," she said, adding that it's been over-booked. In the end, she suggested me to travel on 27th instead. I had no choice but to agree, but still I prefer to travel on 28th okay. 27th is very rush for me. She'll contact me back on this.

However, I need to issue the ticket soon too. And how am I gonna do this without knowing my visa status now? Geez... worse still, I will have to pay extra fee should I wanna change the schedule after issuing the ticket. Confused.... Rawrs....

3. Should I pack now? aihh....

Anyway, I rushed from the travel agency to the Turkish Embassy today. The consular opens only till 12noon. So, I took a $4 cab there, not too costly I think. Considering I don't have to walk back to Bugis MRT station, and walk to the Embassy from Raffles Place MRT Station and risk of getting lost among the skycrapers.

I asked if it's gonna take long to reach the Embassy.

'Nothing is long in Singapore,' he replied.

Adding, "... except Lee H**** L***'s pay." --> refering to Spore's latest talk in the country hoo....

Woopppzzz, I just smiled while he continued his 'talk'.

"If the economic is booming, then it's fine. But now, alot of people do not have job. Foreigners are taking away our jobs *forehead wrinkled, brows raised*. He still wants a pay rise when he has already received over 1 million. We only received 1000, you know. And he has received alot of free things. ...

"I just took a foreigner working in Singapore -before I hailed his cab-. He -the passenger- said that everything in Singapore is expensive. He only earns $800/mth, needs to pay his rental, food, and left with $100 to save. But this $100 also goes to transportation. So what for?

The uncle told him to rob a bank *wakaka*. If possible, without being caught ^^'. Oww.. and he added, "I asked him not to tell my name if he got caught."

Then the topic changed to the foreign workers in Singapore. He pitied those blue-collar workers. They paid alot just to get to Singapore, and they ended up being 'cheated' by the agencies. Some need to work for 9 months before they can pay their so-called loan. This reminded me of a friend in Fish n Co who had to pay over $5000 just to come and work in Singapore (FYI, they definitely come from developing country, meaning: $5000 means a fortune to them). She told me that she has a contract of 5 years before she can leave. Imagine that!

Such a fruitful conversation for a $4 cab fare.

When I arrived at SGX Centre level 10, there was a short queue at the one and only counter. No problemo! I just wanna try my luck and see if they'd accept all the documents. No ticket (just itinerary), no accommodation (wait for visa approval before I book), no sponsor's ID (which they said no need..then watever lar).

Met some Australians who are going to Europe for an educational project. Unfortunately, one of the students, a Pinoy, can't enter France without visa. They did not know this as the travel agency back in Perth did not mention anything at all (Australians do not need a visa to enter though). So, she was stranded at the airport the day before *poor girl :( . The France embassy refused to assist and they had to call for help from their Australia's Ministry * cool.*

It must be a stressful incident for the girl. She was quiet, but I could sense the fear from her body language. What if she could not get the visa and being left behind? The rest of the team has flown to France the day before, and so she was there with another two Australians. These two Australians are leaving soon too, if I'm not wrong... Saturday, I heard the lady told the Embassy staff. Thanks God that the Turkish Embassy is much nicer than some of the Embassies. They will process her application within today. She can collect it today and hopefully she can fly to Istanbul with the other two and wait for the rest of the team there. As of her France trip..."It's being processed by the Ministry, see what they can do," I was told.

What an experience! It was a nice conversation with the three of them. I told them to go to Esplanade while waiting for her visa. They can even eat at Lau Pa Sat which is just across the street and try Singapore's local delight. I wished them the very best and waved them goodbye under the rain.

And there I was, stranded under the rain without an umbrella. Nowhere to go and it was lunch time. I could see all the working professionals around the area in their formal wear. Restaurants and cafe were full with long queues still. I ended up waiting at MPH bookstore, browsing through the Korean Dictionary *wahaha*.

Well... whether or not I am flying next week, I still need to move out of this room. So...let's pack beibs!

S.O.S 1: Anyone free this Friday, 3-4pm? I have my paper on and my Turkey visa is ready for collection.
S.O.S 2: Anyone free this Sunday evening? I need some muscles to help me here..
S.O.S 3: I still don't mind having kind souls lending me your book collections *hee..

Give me my letter soonest please....hiks hiks

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