Saturday, April 21, 2007

1st exam for 2007

My first exam of the semester.

The one with the least preparation at all (you may ask: In NTU? No preparation? Kidding me rite? No, I AM NOT KIDDING YOU HERE).

Coz I / we / whole class sorta dunno what to study.

It was Event Management class.

But let's called it Exam Management assessment.

It's a social class, what should I say.

No right, no wrong, nothing to blame.

Just whether she likes it...... or not!


Geez... seriously yesterday's paper was the one with the least preparation. Spend my time watching movie, blogging and surfing the net, reading magazines and books, packing and chatting.

I even went to town in the morning before the exam. Collected some documents, signed some documents, went to the temple at Bugis and had lunch with my dearie sis before I returned to NTU and took the paper.

Simple... just like dat. Don't ask me how's it... I dunno, molla!


Why you wear so nice?

D: See, today everyone's wearing so nice. Must be party time after this (red: exam).

Glad I went out from the 'mighty jungle' and spent some quality time (I insist it IS) with Cit2 and Alf and dear sis. Dinner at Cafe Cartel that made me feel bloated *wah man... can't take it anymore haha* followed by my fave gelato at Paragon. Fat come fat go! shoo...

I like it. Managed to catch up again after our deadly FYPs. Just love it!

Thanks for the time, friends!

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