Saturday, April 14, 2007

14 days...a yes or no?

Supposedly 14 days from now...I'll be on my way.

Yet, I'm still waiting for the letter. Hoping I'd get it latest by Monday.

I have relented to go for the 'express' way in getting my visa once I received the letter. That means forking out more money.

After which I shall issue my flight ticket, for fear that they will cancel it for the third times.

Start preparing the documents to apply for Turkey's transit visa. I can stopover there and spend 3 days before returning to the red dot.

And maybe..If I'm lucky enough, I will be given a chance to pay Czech Republic a visit.

Let's hope for this dream to come true.

Ah, meanwhile.... All the very best for your exams, be it the final one, or just your initial testing ground.

An end is the beginning of an end.

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