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It's all about 278 and 250!

Last Saturday, at my sis' place:

[Stared at the laptop screen blankly]
Okay..start the Appendix NOW! But how to sort them out?
Three main projects in one report... imagine the attachments
Oww ... and add the survey as well k!

Aha *fingers snapped*... [Asked Nophie to pass me her pen and paper]

Jotted down some notes, categorized the attachments *headache headache*

Went to bed at around 3am

Sunday, at *bucks Wisma Atria, 2pm:

[All gathered and sat at one small table with a laptop and notes all over]
Let's edit the report. Grammar, language, style, format, category and arrangement.... many things to edit.
Cut out the redundancy, destroyed the crap, revised the references, checked the grammar, made it easier to read and understand, starved till death but still needed to hang on ...

Proposed the appendix arrangement and they agreed.. *yeay*

Pronounced brain-dead at 5plus, so we decided to do it on our own by 6pm. Called it off and brought back the work babes! Let's meet again on Monday yar...

Went to the food court below Lee Meridien for a dinner with Nophie n her friends :)
It's great to have her back in my life...well, I mean physically here lar.

Returned to sis place at around 9pm, and started doing the project from 10pm onwards.

Went to dreamland at around 3am again!

Monday, at *bucks City Hall, 10am:

It was raining outside and I had to force myself to wake up at 8.30am.
Oh no, I was late for my visa application. Sigh~ hope I could still make it in time

Rushed out and walked under the rain at 9.15am. Took the train to Raffles Place.

Called the Embassy of Ukraine:
"Hi, can I check on what are the documents needed to apply for a visa?"
"I am sorry, our consular is not here yet. Maybe in 10-15 minutes time."
"Owh, but can you tell me what I need to bring over?"
"No, you need to check with the consular!"

So I arrived 10 minutes before 10am (I took the risk of being sligthly late than having to plan for another trip). Standing there, the staff greeted me by telling me the consular was not in yet. Please wait for 10-15 minutes, he should be here by then. SHOULD BE~
Ouch..and I had my meeting at 10am. He told me to go for my meeting instead ^^''

Arrived at *bucks at 10am sharp and I was the earliest. Quickly hogged a table at the corner with a power point for our laptops. The ladies started to arrive a few minutes later.

Major editing was done again, changed the format and structure. Paraphrased the sentences to save space. Waks..and my part needed major 'reconstruction' for sure... it's just too many things happened and it kinda repetitive then.

Stayed till 14.30 before we decided to do it at home. Apparently our 'battery' can only last around 3 hours.

At 6pm, I was sitting in front of my computer, trying hard to add some necessary details into the report while re-arrange some sections. CUT CUT CUT!! And I almost fell asleep while doing it.

Took a short nap to recharge myself, but I overslept till 11pm when someone knocked on the door and Lele was about to sleep. So, there it went... stayed till 4am to do the Appendix.

Tuesday, woke up at 9am:

My second trip to the Embassy of Ukraine. And sadly, my invitation letter was not comprehensive enough.

"It seems to me you're going there for relaxation."
Heh? (mind-boggling what if I spend money in your country? no tourist allowed?)
I'm going to teach English and do some cultural sharing.
"It's not clear here. I can't accept this."

Frustrated me returned to NTU and attended my Japanese class *good news, I didn't feel sleepy that day*

Unfortunately the game was ON. And my whole Appendix was destroyed. It went corrupted. ARGHHHH *pulled my hair out...shiett...the whole 190 over pages were gone..gone..gone..

Oops..I did it (the appendix) again then!

ZZZ at 3am plus when I finished another draft of the Appendix.

Wednesday, meeting in SCI benches at 12noon:

Tiredly woke up at 10.30am.
Let's check my Appendix, see if there were any errors.

It happened AGAIN. My Appendix files (note here 'FILES') all went corrupted. Big shiet!!

I was not sure whether to laugh at myself or to cry. SMS-ed my friends to tell them the news AGAIN. No choice but to do it AGAIN.

Afraid of the viruses in my pc, I went to school and did my Appendix there. Thanks that I have saved another Appendix file, although it's incomplete. At least I did not have to start from scratch AGAIN. Spent the whole afternoon in school, and proudly finished it by 6pm. Sent a copy to each of my teammates.

"Tomorrow is the day." Imagine the havoc we had. From cutting the pages to 59 from 74, aligning it to APA Style *which we realized was a concern at 10pm*, rechecked and revised the format and structure... I ended up staying till almost 5am in the morning before I gave up.

Thursday, the day, 10.30am:

Sat in front of the computer and continued where I finished this morning. The format was terrible with all the images jumbled up here and there. Geezz~

Met up with the team at school to print out everything and do last-minute checking.

wrong alignment - check
incorrect punctuation - check
report format - check
wordy sentence - check

At 2pm, we decided to split and print the Appendices. In need of a colour printer, we decided to try the General Office printer. We succeeded, except the fact that it's expensive. In our school, each student received so-called '$50 virtual cash' for printing. So, everytime you print, they will deduct your account. Cherie's account was busted and we did not have enough money in our accounts.

The printing went chaotic as we need to separate between b/w and colour printing to save money (note: printing at General Office cost you a fortune as it's based on colour printing charges). Imagine printing three copies of the reports, split between b/w and colours and added with some weird alignments by the computer that ended up with useless copies. It was horrible!

and tiring.

unfinished business

In the end, after a countless trips from CATIlab to General Office, ran here and there, clicked here and there, sorted this and that, noted this and that, asked people to donate their accounts (for printing) ... we finished them at 6pm. Phew~

Oww..apparently, the technician said we are NOT allowed to print colour in school (what? you're kidding right? we pay for this too ok!), telling that it is only for special projects. Heh? So our final year project is not special, and we have to spend hundreds just to print this?
who cares...we just continued haha
But seriously, I think those who don't know, they might spends ALOT just to print three copies of the report.

Looking are the outcomes:
- 278 pages of report
(times three for 3 copies, added with error printing. Count how many trees have we killed today! and we're not the ONLY group.)
- over $250 for printing and binding
(although around $225 is merely 'virtual cash'...imagine how many accounts we stole from)
- tons of stressed and surprises
(ups down ups down ups down)
- the twinkles on our eyes after we submitted the report
(yeay...we made it gals!)
- it's just a month from now...HANG ON

Our presentation is on 16th April. Need to work hard for this too. Pray hard that we scored for our FYP ya. Pray really hard, I beg you.

Exams are on 20th and 25th April.

ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Youth is on 26th and 27th April.

I'm flying off on 28th, if I got my visa *pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

Gosh....need to do my Japanese homework now before I took my beauty sleep

Awrghhhh sugooiiiiii

ps: If you looked into a mirror and found a 'panda' there...worry not, you're not alone!

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