Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sentosa...here we go!

My first Sentosa trip for the year 2007.

If you'd let me to give you some advice, do go to Sentosa on weekday and NOT weekend. It's less crowded and thus hopefully higher level of enjoyment. Ow..and now they have a 'train' from Vivocity to Sentosa, and that's cool. No need to queue for buses or ticket and you save time. Not to mention that it comes with air-conditioner.

How lucky we were that Sentosa was having a flower exhibition. It's much prettier and colourful than usual. At least I know what to show inside Sentosa than just its beaches or expensive attractions.

So, here we go....

It's Humpty Dumpty falling onto the ground. Poor you!

It's not fun without pics, so I took Itsumi's pic while she's adjusting the timer ^^

Bla bla white sheep...

Even on the tram, there's this sign. What a FINE city :)
Sit down Itsumi, no standing. Shhsstt...hide your doggie, and throw away those ciggies!

This was my first time at Palawan Beach and it's so much better than Siloso. Less people, great scenery, and yeah...cool bridge!

See this? trust me now?...

Owh..this one was taken at Chinatown. Itsumi just had her temporary-sprayed-Henna-tattoo on. Makes me wanna get a real one too haha..

Well, my camera was playing a prank at me. The battery went dry at this crucial moment. Limited pics saved on it. Geez...

Cya again in Nagoya....

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