Wednesday, March 21, 2007

quiz time

In between those piles of notes and papers...
In between those thousands of words on my Words document...
In between those Windows opened in search for references *haha*....
I took a break...

and did this -__-''


You Are a Chocolate Chip Cookie
(I like cookie... and I like choco too, so a great combo for me)

Traditional and conservative, most people find you comforting.
(I think I am conservative...true!)
You're friendly and easy to get to know.
(People say I look fierce when I don't smile ^6 but well, it's for you to find out then)
This makes you very popular - without even trying!
(Waaawww... arigatou gozaimasu...xie xie..kamsa hamida...gracias...spasibo...thanks...kamsia...)

You Are 20% Normal
(I did this to seriously test how normal I am...haha)

You sure do march to your own beat...But you're so weird, people wonder if it's a beat at all.
You think on a totally different wavelength, And it's often a chore to get people to understand you.
( I don't get this. Beat? what beat? wavelength? ah ok, I am only 20% normal..and it takes heaps of effort to understand me... work hard ya!)

You Have Low Self Esteem
28% of the Time
(means 72% of confidence?)

Generally, you feel pretty darn great about who you are, even when you mess up or fail.
(owh ya, of course. If I do my very best and stay away from shoo-pid things haha)
Occasionally, a huge setback will make you question yourself, but you pick yourself up quickly.
(hm...reflecting mode... Dont think it's as easy as how they put it here. Just keep on striving then *sigh)

You Are Banana Pocky
(shit is banana....ah ya na ya na ya na. If A = B, and B=A. So, Banana = shit, and shit = banana?)
Your attitude: fun and lighthearted.
( head is getting bigger now)
Unique and unforgettable.
(hm...please remember the good sides of me..okie okie okie?)
You are cutie everyone falls for.

And out of curiousity, I tried the 5 characters of love or suuuuummthing like dat ^^

Propensity for Monogamy:
Your propensity for monogamy is high.
You find it easy to be devoted and loyal to one person.
And in return, you expect the same from who you love.
Any sign of straying, and you'll end things *wave my hand gracefully...byeee

Experience Level:
Your experience level is high.
You've loved, lost, and loved again.
You have had a wide range of love experiences *waks...where is this claim from? -__-''
And when the real thing comes along, you know it!

Your dominance is low.
This doesn't mean you're a doormat, just balanced.
You know a relationship is not about getting your way.
And you love to give your sweetie a lot of freedom *and expect the same in return...and thus the independence level below

Your cynicism is medium.
You'd like to believe in true and everlasting love...
But you've definitely been burned enough to know better.
You're still an optimist, but you also are a realist *welcome to real world peeps...welcome to my life

Your independence is high.
You don't need to be in love, and sometimes you don't even want love.
Having your own life is very important for you...
Even more important than having a relationship *hee...ok, now no one is gonna apply ady haha jk. Life is tough heh!

OK, time for my beauty sleep and get ready for the PUB event

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