Saturday, March 24, 2007

Let's meet Water Wally

Slept at 2am...

Woke up at 7am...

Rushed to shower and then Suntec Olio Dome *my first time there :)

Well, 22nd of March was World Water Day. So, in conjunction with that, PUB *it's not Public Utility Board k, remember WATER* launches PURE, a street-magazine. My Event Managemen class had the chance to conceptualize and organize the event with PUB.

24 Communication Studies students were divided into 4 teams -Programme, Public Relations/On-ground Branding, Media and Evaluation. Well....'luckily', we were the Media Team. The most 'diligent' or most 'work' team :( From writing media invite, media release, contacting the youth media (thanks to PUB for taking over the mainstream media), follow-up, brief the media on the event day, and again...follow-up after the event. Gosh, and all these within 2 weeks time.

It was another great experience to work with a government body and moreover to learn on how to handle a 'launch event'. Can't imagine I briefed the reporters and photographers *yippee..haha*, talked to Dr Amy Khor, hugged Water Wally *haha*, in the same room as Adrian Pang and Michelle Chia *well, we did take a pic*, and had great lunch *slurpee*

We were initially allocated ONLY 2 tables of 8 seats for the media, but we needed over 3 tables to cater to them all *smug face*. Cool.... huahuahauhau

Owh..and I appeared on TV too *haha although I didn't watch myself on TV*. Suddenly I received SMSes asking if I were the one on CNA and Channel 5 *haha*. 15 seconds of fame which cost me to lose a chance to take pics with Michelle Chia and Adrian Pang -___-''

Let me say it again: " MICHELLE CHIA IS HOT HOT HOT." She is not skinny or worse anorexic, she is FIT and HEALTHY and SEXY. Gosh... some of us will kill to get that bod. But she is not just about bod and beauty, she is smart and articulate. wow...

When Water Wally meets his soulmate.... introducing: Water Sally * Media teammates start calling me this. They said I look like Water Wally ^^''

For more info of the event, click here.

I know this is an unorganized post..haha no choice, I need to do my report again and other things to settle.

Counting down....1 month 3 days.

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