Friday, March 09, 2007

laptop is in the house...

I'll be able to get my new laptop... after I demanded for compensation if they couldn't give it to me by today.

Yosh NTU peeps, you can get compensation if you couldn't get your order in 2 weeks time from '8'FlaGz. And this surely works...

Sorry, we haven't gotten your order here.
So, when can I get it? It's been two weeks since I placed my order.
Maybe next week.
I dunno.

then her colleague took over...

Sorry but we do not have your laptop here yet.
So, next week by when can I get it?
I dunno. See *now she showed me a stack of order forms from the students*, actually there are alot more who ordered before you...
Yes I understand, but that is NOT my issue.
I read in your website that your company will compensate if you couldn't deliver your order in 2 weeks time.

Her friend kept nodding to approve my claim...

Please wait..I check with Amy *her supervisor*

Then Amy came:
Hi Diana, let me check the status for you
Yes please

After several minutes, she came back and...
Hi, we will give you other people's laptop first *raised my eyebrows*
In fact some people have not collected their laptops after a week's notification... *aiya...watever lar*
Okay then, I'll come back tomorrow with my order slip
Yes, and we only receive cheque or cash
Will do. But I'll definitely get my specifications and my additional RAM right?
Don't worry, we have it. works!


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