Friday, March 16, 2007

Hey life!

Hey life!

How are you doing? What's up now?

Let me see, currently I am busy doing my Final Year Project report *and I realize it's freaking tough to put all the theories that we've learnt in 4 years time..., or maybe we never really learn those*, searching for my AIESEC internship, doing the 'media' part for our Event Management project with PUB *hey..we're going to meet MP Dr Amy Khor, Adrian Pang and Michelle Chia next Thursday...not to forget the Water Wally haha*, planning for the future, getting some part-time jobs to boost my critical bank account, doing AIESEC work and some other stuffs. Hectic!

Worst still... I don't have the motivation to quickly finish the FYP report soonest if not for the deadline that the team has set. Gosh...what am I doing? I don't feel like studying anymore haha.

Ow yeah...let's see where I will be in the next 1.5 month:
1. Turkey
2. Rusia
3. Pakistan
4. Ivory Coast
5. China
6. Ukraine
7. Bangladesh
8. India
9. Canada
10. ....

Tell me what you think...

*flying off soon....heaven's yeah


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