Tuesday, March 20, 2007

1.5 month is short

Things to do in less than 1.5 month:

Quickly finish this and move on... Say bye say bye :)

Not being able to do proper transition with the new EB team, to support the members for the upcoming 'are you afrAIDS' event, to miss the Asia Pacific MC Transition Camp in Malaysia, to leave before the official ending of the term, .... I feel horrible. Blue oh so blue...

Preparation to Ukraine:
Super-excited to be able to move on to another stage of my AIESEC XP. To really experience myself what it is like to go for an overseas internship, to proudly share about your country/culture/people, to make direct impacts on those people you meet in your journey,...

Everythig comes with a price to pay.... but guess it all worths it.

The thought of packing my 'assets' after staying in NTU for almost 4 years is scary. I have no idea how long I will take, how many bags and boxes for all, how to move them all, and how to 'leave behind' things that may not be that useful anymore in the future... In less than 1.5month, I am leaving to Ukraine and will stay there for almost 3 months.

Thanks much roomie for all the things you've done. We are both busy people. A year spent in the same room, but many times it's not occupied by both of us. From Poland-Msia-Indo trips. But I am very grateful that I had the chance to stay with you and spend those times together. Keep striving!

Friends... gambarimasyou!

In 1.5month, I will fly my way to a new land alone. I may be the one to represent Singapore, to represent Indonesia or even Malaysia... or maybe I will be the one to represent Asia. Wish I could do the very best.

I am leaving for that period, but rest-assured... I will COME BACK! and I hope...you guys are stronger and better than ever by then.

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