Thursday, February 08, 2007

random dee

6 kgs of chicken

and I smell like one... excited for this Saturday's BBQ haha

ow...gotta be ready for my interview too *awh..where to go where to go? Rusia? Brazil? Korea? Japan? Bangladesh? India? Kenya? Turkey? ...I dunno hiks more importantly is what to do there k.


Went down to NYC again and got to meet some of the volunteers and the staffs. I like the feeling. It reminds me of the last few weeks when we were busy preparing and had to go down every single day to NYC. "I like" as Borat put it.

But.... I also see more things that I don't like to see, at least in public space k. Gosh, I understand that Valentine's day is coming very very soon and love is in the air [including the love songs and CNY songs haha]. Puh lease...get your own space and leave us all alone. We are not interested in you displaying your affection, we have seen enough and just go away and have it somewhere k. Aihh....

Another random post from me.

Heya all, are you doing great?

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