Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I feel like I am at the Stock Exchange main lounge.
The bids are getting higher and higher ^^

And I may lose to some of them for my fave chairs *hiks hiks...

Been messaging these people to leave their details to confirm their bids, and gosh...
I can't change the duration now. The auction ends on 10th, 2pm instead of 11th midnight. What am I supposed to do? gee...


Awh... on the other hand, Jetstar is having promotion again. I wanna travel's about time to have my break and add another country in my list.
Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi - Vietnam
Hong Kong, Guang Zhou - China
Bangkok - Thailand
Perth, Melbourne - OZ


Student Review Board is on this Saturday. I am gonna be interviewed and assessed on my qualification to go for AIESEC Exchange. Wish me luck!

So, tell us more why you wanna go for @ exchange? complete my @Experience? *smack me to the ground haha

Where do you want to go and why?
anywhere...just send me anywhere except Malaysia and Indonesia. I stayed there before you know. Send me out of Singapore puh-lease.... *nice palm-print on the face

Why do we have to select you?
hohoho...we know that everyone is unique in its own. So do I. There's only one Diana. Therefore, I am unique * think you're the only one unique heh! wakaka....

OKay...I am making a fool of myself. No worry, I will prepare and do my very best to get it.
The story above is fictional and not the true reflection of Diana *hee...

Life is beautiful baybeh!

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