Wednesday, January 03, 2007

my 1st trip in 2007

My first oversea trip in 2007... Johor and more specifically to Pekan Nanas, Johor, Malaysia.

Sharon and I decided to stay over at Phoebe's place after spending 5 hours in City Square mall and around 3 hours of travelling from Singapore to Johor *gosh..scary!

12.00: Leave hostel and wait for the bus to Boon Lay
13.15: Arrive at Singapore checkpoint *haha..smooth sailing and short queue line
13.30: Arrive at Johor checkpoint *What? the queue was so long that the people were standing under the sun alrd.
14.05: Hungry hungry and we're still in the midst of nowhere *aihh..
14.30: Argh..almost explode liao... *bonk bonk
15.05: Finally..finally... we passed the counter *they should have made more gates n barriers or else the queue lines are not clear and people just cut the queue..huh!

Afterwhich, we met Pheebs at Popular and went for lunch or breakfast or tea time. I chose mushroom chicken hotplate noodles which cost me merely RM5.25 *hahaha laugh in happiness. I feel like I want to eat as much as possible... ice-cream, brownies, cakes, sushi, etc.

It was planned to be a shopping spree trip, so I really did buy some things:
Spending our night at Pheeb's home was great. I felt at home again. Looking at their sibling's relationship was really fun. Their parents were very nice too. I really should go home for Chinese New Year.. hm.. missing homeeee....

But the trip back to Singapore was another long hours. We waited for one hour for the express bus to Larkin from Pekan Nenas and the trip took us around 45-50 minutes. To make it worst, the aircon was not really functioning and the sleepy me had to stand for 3/4 of the trip * experience tho.

Once we arrived at Larkin, the queue for bus 170 to Singapore was super long, it was more than 10 metres. But we managed to get into the crampy bus and so again, we had to stand. The little girl beside me who sat on the deck inside the bus just couldn't stop chirping *oh la la... not that I don't like kids, but this one was too much to bear haha. To make it short, we entertained ourselves with our Muruku fish snacks and rehearsing @ dances, from Sex bombs to Together Again *lol.

So, in total we spent 9 hours on travelling, 5 hours at the mall and 1 night at Phoebe's home.

Hell yeah, I am contented with what I had inside the plastic bags on my hands despite the 9-hour travelling time. Am I easily contented as Sharon said? hee....dun care.

Hope you guys all had a wonderful year ahead k!

ps: Rumie is back hohoho
pps: Life goes on!
ppps: Yeah, I received a card email from my Japanese friend....happy ^^

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