Wednesday, December 20, 2006

the seven lucky me

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7 Facts About Me

1. Super mellow. Not just that I am a sensitive Cancerian, I am a woman too. And a woman is a complex sophisticated here I am. From my MSN nick, the music that I heard, my Emo~ postings, my cry and laughters....they all scream MELLOW. Ok, even those who I barely know well claim this. What else?

2. Moody is in my blood. Cheerful and bubbly at a time yet quiet and dreamy at another second. Jumpy and loud at one time yet look exhausted and in deep misery at another. Gosh, even my hi-skul mates know this well...they were terribly scared by me when I am in bad shape.. don't ever talk to Dee when she's in her moody state. I won't bother ya... and yah you can talk to the screen or to my hand *waks...

3. I may look wild and party-animal, BUT I am not [IMHO hehe]. I don't drink [well, I don't like drinking and it may cause me rashes and allergy too] and don't like smoke at all. I do like dancing though. I am not a clubber as I can count how fingers to resemble my presence at those clubs.

4. If I don't like something then I don't. If you breached my trust, so sorry... no turning back. I don't like pretentious and hypocrite people.

5. I lurve chocolate and ice-cream and spicy food [yummy one ok, not just any chocolate or ice-cream]. Ah.. I am also a soupy eater. When I am stressed or depressed... I nibble alot. That's why I prefer to be busy and have lotsa work, coz I tend to skip my meals to finish em haha.

6. I expect people to be mature and responsible over what they commit, say and do. Hello... life is tough enough, don't make it worse by your irresponsible acts yar. Hence, some people say I am to demanding and perfectionist... well, you can have the same expectations over me though.

7. I dont' take relationship as a game. It is a serious decision that involves minimum two parties. Whether it's a happy or sad ending... I don't want to end up hurting people more. A friend says that I am better off as a best friend than a girlfriend *haha I am not as expressive as when I am just a friend wakaka...acc to this friend*.. So yah..I am just an ordinary girl who is afraid to hurt and be hurt. And yah..I do scare guys away!

7 Places I'd Like To Visit

1. I wanna be HOME now dee-sperately.
2. Can't decide, but I don't mind going to Japan, Korea and Taiwan as of now [I wanna go for exchange]
3. Switzerland.. again.
4. Canada [should experience and see if I would regret for not going there to study]
5. I need an escape... Maldives, Fiji... arghhh
6. Heaven *but I dun wanna die...can I recce?
7. It's not just the place... but most importantly who am I going with? or who I'll meet there?

7 Places To Eat

1. HOME SWEET HOME!! Mom's cook is the best ever.
2. Coca Suki... miss home... hiks hiks
3. Would love to try those restaurants and cafes at Clarke Quay.. if only it's FOC haha
4. Sushi Tei... slurpee
5. Ayam panggang Ibu Uun and Sop tangkar... TOP abis!
6. Penang Gurner Drive *wakaka
7. Seriously I can't think of any... as long as it's yummy and affordable, I won't mind; Although I do splurge at times haha *but not now..huhu

7 'Thank You' Notes

1. First and foremost... My Parents. Thanks for being supportive, extra understanding and for trusting me in whatever I do. I can never ask for better parents.... and I am not gonna do that too.. miss you muchie!
2. Crazy random sis and bro. Well...fight and arguments do happen, but at the end of it... we are one. Thanks for always standing by my side *bro...thanks for protecting me when I was a kid and super naughty. The scar on your forehead always reminds us on that :)
3. My friends... from HCHS hi-skul, Tarcy II, NTU... Gosh..thanks for everything. Ol' friends, thanks for always be there. Thanks for those karaoke sessions too.
4. My hi-skul teachers who believe in me. Man... mellow mode on huh!
5. My AIESEC family... what can I do without you all?
6. Thanks to everyone who has left their footsteps in my life
7. My angels and devil ^^

7 Girls I'm Tagging This

Er...anyone who wants to do this are very much welcome. Don't wanna add burden to you k.

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