Monday, November 13, 2006

Schedule for the month:

15 Nov 8.30-11.00 Appointment at Changi *wish me luck!

15 Nov 17.00-19.00 CS438 Emerging Issues in Pub Comm: Brand Management

16 Nov 13.00-15.00 CS401 Media Law, Ethics and Policies

16 Nov post-CS401 exam Final Year Project meeting
Draw 3-4 proposal for client *OMG..our future lies here

18 Nov *scape tour briefing 2 and meeting with the PR agency right after that *shoo shoo

20 Nov Deadline for my AIESEC NLDS session outlines

24 Nov 14.30-16.30 CS332 Public Relations Writing

24 Nov post-CS332 exam chill out session

25 Nov Draw out proposal for my HUGE Marketing workshop next year *yeay

28 Nov Meeting with Teacher Advisor

30 Nov Asian TV Awards *am I gonna be volunteering?

Ongoing: FYP and AIESEC stuffs

1.5 days to GO!


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