Monday, November 20, 2006

Let's do some recap on last Saturday

10.15 Woke up *okay, I am such a pig
10.40 Finished shower and sat in front of the pc checking my emails
10.55 Prepared to go to NYC for *scape briefing
10.57 Postpone my meeting to 7pm coz I need to view some condos

11.15 Checked another email *lazy bummer
11.28 Ate 2 slices of whole-grain bread
11.35 Rushed to the bus stop *Oh no...I am late!!

12.52 Walked out of Sommerset MRT Station and headed towards NYC13.02 Saw Cholid outside the NYC 'cabin' so went to chat awhile
13.15 Entered the 'cabin' and prepared for the briefing
13.35 Waited for more people to come *tick tack tick tack
13.42 Started the briefing *yeay* Don't I look pro? wakaka

14.00 *scape tour
14.25 Returned to the 'cabin' and Q&A
14.35 Goodie bag giveaway
14.45 Meeting with NYC again *shed some darkness hoho
16.00 Kud2 called, "See you at the entrance at 4.30 k"
16.15 Left NYC and rushed for a cab
16.25 In the cab towards Maplewood, Bukit Timah
16.40 to get inside the block?
16.50 Hi Uncle, I am coming to view your condo *hehe

17.10 Headed towards Springdale, another condo
17.30 Wahh...this is so far away from civilization
17.40 Hm...looks nice, but just too far and so inconvenient
18.00 On the bus towards Orchard
18.37 Alighted at Lee Meridien coz I thought the bus won't stop at Dhoby Ghaut *cheyy...
18.49 Reached the MRT Station *'s tiring ok!!
18.52 Oh no..the train has yet to come...huhu better SMS them saying 'I'm gonna be late'

19.10 Arrived at the MRT station and the two 'stooges' were waiting for me
19.20 Dinner time....OMG, I was starving!
19.35 Crap...crap...crap...
19.47 Still crap...crap...crap...
19.52 Paid the bill and let's go to work
20.00 Meeting started
to make it short... we finished at 22.05 *yey, we are on time

And therefore, we took some 'family pictures'...

Let me introduce y'all

Welcome to the Team
*One more family member wasn't there, Andrey from Russia
L-R: David - Canada, Dolphin Willie, Diana - Indo, Adam - UK
See our names?? It's ADDA, DADA, A2D2, D2A2, Dave-Dee-Dam-Drey *haha

Get Up Close and Personal

Adam Cleevely from Loughborough UK
*am I spelling it right?
A young chap, not yet 20
Crazy, FUN and super duper friendly

David Liem from Victoria, Canada
well...he's more than his age definitely
always willing to learn and optimistic and positive of life
Indonesian and South American blood *haha Indo is everywhere

Diana Dawidson from Medan, Indonesia
Dolphin Willie from Victoria
*don't play play ar!! Or I sm*ck ya wakaka

It was hilarious to play around with Mac's built-in camera haha we should have done this more often guys!! And yeah..we nailed down the backbone of our session for AIESEC in Singapore National Leadership and Development Seminar and I gotta say I am really excited to be part of the team.


ps: Feel like I dont have any more paper to go... what?? ONE more? awhh..okei -__-'
pps: These were the last pics taken before I had my hair cut *wakaka am a kiddie now
ppps: Still need those luck and prayers k
pppps: Ganbatte ne!! AZA!


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