Thursday, November 02, 2006

How I miss ALL these

My Indonesian Orientation Camp Main Committee 2004/2005. This was our post-Get Together Day outing. A yummy steamboat buffet at Seoul Garden and continued with rounds of bowling championship *haha...and I lost shamelessly!

Of course, a great event is supported by its determined and enthusiastic members. My Programme Officer team was beyond words. We sailed through more than 80 hours of meeting, crazy juicy and creative ideas, stress that killed and still.... the spirit STAYS. Darn a great time back then *missin those nights and days of meeting and meeting and meeting*. Waks..I am addicted to meetings?? senior camp this year for the Get Together Day. This was taken at the recently refurbished Clarke Quay. I like the design n style. Let's give The Hulkas a round of applause. These people were the lucky senior attach for The Hulkas *hehe :)

See...I never miss a single chance of getting involve in my Indonesian Orientation Camp - get Together Day. It's just too hard to let go.

1st year: participant. Made was the President *hihi*. Succesfully gotten myself the most vocal 'ternyolot' title from Made *hiak hiak.
2nd year: Programme Officer Maincomm, inc harge of Sports Games with Adrianto. Get wet with us!
3rd year: Group Leader for 'Haqim Bau' with Papi Ainun. Man..I really love this team, annoyingly glued and bonded and LOUD. Won 'THE LOUDEST' group award.
4th year: Group Leader for 'The Hulkas' with Papi Anton. A mixed of unpredictable group of people. From shy, loud, crazy, creative, vocal, ... And again, we won the award for Sports Games. It's H to the U to the L to the K A S... Hulkas Hulkas Hulkas Huh!

Next, I miss my South Korea trip with mum during school holiday back in June 2004. Yummy beef, gorgeous vista, pretty Korean girls, fashionable fashionistas, irresistable heels, curly hair and many more... . Want it again! Slurpee.. I love Korea.

And these people... remind me how I love Korea. But I do love them more! are all unbelievably amazing. Thanks for opening my eyes and heart in a way that I never thought I would. Bring it on yay. ^.^v


Arghh...guess pre-exam stress is haunting me.

Shh....I have a GREAT GREAT news for my AIESEC in NTU. The excitement even exceeds my own Final Year Project...weirdo!! Toldja later or check my AIESEC in NTU blog.

Chaooo *dun miss me haha

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