Saturday, November 18, 2006

01. What time is it now?:

02. What are you doing?:
: chatting and definitely updating my blog -___-''

03. Thinking of Anyone?:
: haha...u remind me of that!

04. Are you Happy/Blur/Sad etc?:

05. Why?:
: Just bored...and this stupid zit is sooo annoying

06. What is the last thing you ate?:
: McChicken *yah..I know its unhealthy, but well.... no time to grab a proper dinner mah

07. Last thing that you've heard that made you cry?:
: well, I was kinda teary when I watched Step Up this evening. You know the scene where Nora's mom said that she still remembers when Nora first started her dance class...aihhh *Miss my Mom ...

10. Whats the last movie that made you cry?:
: teary - Step Up *OK review from me...still prefer 'You Got Served'
: cry - can't remember. Let's put One Litre of Tears here *must watch!

12. Who do you wish to be by your side?:
: family, friends, my inspirator, motivator, and those I care most!

13. Regret anything in this month?:
: why din I kidnap the invigilators? *wakaka

14. Did you fall in love/out of love in this month?:
: hm...processing...loading...

15. Who was the last person you talkedto?:
: dad on the phone, patrick on MSN

16. Who was the last person you hugged?:
: ahh.. Pheebs *thanks for accompanying me k. Your support is my strength

17. Who was the last person you sms?:
: adam bro

18. What did you dream of today?:
: Have yet to sleep for today

19. Who can make you laugh?:
: I always laugh, don't I? haha

20. Who always takes care of you?:
: those who care....please smile now ^o^

21. Anyone you know is in pain?:
: You'll grow stronger :)

24. What happen?:
: life is a learning experience too

25. What do you wanna do before you die?:
: make sure I do contribute back to the society k.
: wanna say that... I do care for you
: take my last breath

26. What song is stuck in your head?:
: none none none

27. What song are you listening now?:
: none none none

28. Worried about anyone?:
: ha ha..

29. What age do you wanna get married?:
: used to be 23 *wakaka...but I dont think it's gonna happen haha
: hm...when I find my One

30. How many children do you want?:
: 3 is great... same as my family *yay

31. Where do you wanna go forHoneymoon?:
: Venice is awesome dear... or we can go to visit Italy too since it's so near...hmm wat about Europe then, we don't wanna spend so much just to visit Italy right? Ah..can we drop by at Rusia then? *wakaka....okei, yeah we are broke honey!

32. Any plans in this 2 month?:
: For sure.
: Job Interview, Exam, FYP, AIESEC stuffs, workout plan, reading my novels, xmas gifts and cards, wahh...

33. Describe a perfect wedding?:
: Happy and everlasting couple :)

34. Describe a perfect Date?:
: Sweet small lil gesture is important *Imran..learn the lesson! haha

35. Where would you like to go for Holiday?:
: Anywhere else not in my visited list. Vietnam, Taiwan, India, Canada, Maldives, etc.
: Okai..I really dun mind going to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and the European countries again...hiks hiks

36. Do you play instrument?:
: what about knockin the pans?

38. Do you have a band?:
: i have a band-age *hihi

39. What song do you want to listen to?:
: the one that suits my mood

40. Wish you could die?:
:'re kidding me right? Life is too beautiful to let go.

41. Do you give up easily?:
: At times life can be rough for sure...but well, I shall commit to what I said and promised. Go for it!!

42. Do you know anyone that acts like a kid?:
: Of course. Kids act like a kid, don't they?

44. Do you know anyone that is rude?:
: Interesting personality, but can be tough to understand at times *bonk

45. What's the sweetest thing anyone ever done?:
: those sweet small little things count... A LOT!! *sheepish

47. Any sweet unforgettable memories with your Ex?:
: why not?

48. Honestly.. Which Ex did you love the most?:
: Aiyoo..let bygone be bygone

49. Who do you want to be hugged by?:
: the one who give the warmth ^.*

50. Are you enjoying life?:
: YUP....nod nod nod nod nod


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