Tuesday, October 24, 2006

OK....don't complain, I know this is a bit late *a bit OK*
Ya ya..let you know what I did 2 weeks ago before I was off to Penang and now back in Singapore *hehe

Yay..I got my bus tix from Johor.

Saved me 35rm, but in the end I need to rush to Johor and had a heart-attack for 30 mins. There was a traffic jam to the Singapore Immigration and Iwas left with 40 mins to get to the station. And I proved myself that walking is healthy and may cause you backpain and shoulder pain, especially when you have to carry a big bag.

So, I walked from mid-way to the Singapore check-point, cut the bus queue while hugging my bag, prayed that the bus driver could read my mind and just took the private lane *which he did..yeay* and yeah...I got it there on time.

I was relieved I did not wear high heels.

This was taken at S*arbucks Paragon. Lele and I were having a good roomie hang-out cum study session. Seen here were the frappucinos, lecture notes and souvenirs for my teachers *which I forgot to bring with when I left my room and Lele had to deliver it to Jurong Point. In the end...I was almost late for my bus. Thanks Lele!

Yummy Frappucinos and roomies *wakaka

Stacks of books and the copies that I made during my work shift at the General Office.
Man, I don't like copying...
I took me 1.5 hours to zap 9 books and filled all the relevant forms.

For my Penang trip, will update when I am not in my lazy, confused, panic and mellow mood huahuahua

ps: SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL FITRI, mohon maaf lahir dan batin ya. Moga2 kesalahan aye dimaapkeun, baik yang disengaja maupun tiada disengaja *buset..campuran berapa bahasa neh?

pps: A month from now? I'm done with exams... so Final Year Project [FYP], AIESEC, National Leadeship and Development Seminar [NLDS]...just bring em on!

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