Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It’s just A MONTH after I stepped back in Singapore.

And I have had:
22 meetings [wow...can't believe it!!]
1 2-nite camp [additional one day for the MCs and OCs]
1 LC Induction [newbies rock!! EBs...four thumbs!]
1 LC Gathering [yummy...]
1 Welcome Dinner and a chill-out session [GREAT one!! thanks for coming everyone ^.*]
1 sleepover at Sharon’s place [thanks bozz, really enjoy it! and thanks for accompanying me crapping up till 5am]
1 Johor trip [mooncake festival is around the corner. Deliver some plz!]
1 haircut [shortie...shortie...]
1 mid-term exam [ARGHH *&%^#$#]
3 assignments [not bad huh! Thanks editor *hehe* as always]
2 tutorial projects [writing and writing... dun like it]
1 sponsorship on hand for my Final Year Project [Yosh, it's 4K man!! hope to hear some good news for my FYP though]
3 sessions of working as Student Assistant [money in money in... *haha]
Almost 200 survey forms to be compiled *phew…
1 unexpected outburst event [Sorry to make you worried yar!!]

Countless mellow, depressed and demotivation modes…

BUT ...

Countered by immeasurable satisfaction, passion, motivation, enthusiasm and the will to move forward. Let’s leap for excellence!!

I am a complicated girl -___-‘
That's all I can say!

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