Monday, October 16, 2006

I believe...

We are created for others.

So, when I no longer be of value to you...

Let me know, and I shall make my move.


What if there's no single chance to show the value?


I don't realize that I am of value to you?

Shall I move away?


OMG..Rain is coming to this tiny red dot. But, his concert is the most expensive concert in Singapore thus far. At S$888 for VIP, he beats Andrea Bocelli [S$500] and Eric Clapton [the most ex in the US, S$ 388 if not wrong].

Peeps...find me someone who's willing to sponsor me a ticket!!! *Oh lala...


Notice of absence *hihi*
I'm leaving for Penang on Wednesday evening till Sunday morning. Gonna meet my parents, ol' freinds, cousin, auntie, teachers, etc. Wish I don't have to come back to NTU and prepare for exams *muahaha*

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