Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Being the 'red dot' on the map, Singapore is always the best place for connecting flight. So does this time round when Tatsuro was heading to Delhi from Japan.

He arrived in Singapore last Saturday. Paid Johor a visit since he just had his AIESEC traineeship there in April. And now, he is having his 2nd traineeship in New Delhi, India at an accounting company.

He only stayed in Singapore for 2 days and 1 night. Damien and I went to meet him on Sunday morning at Orchard. He is still the same Tatsuro that I met a couple of times before. Looks shy outside but very fun inside. Yah..some time language does pose a barrier.

We went to have Indonesian food at Lucky Plaza since our search for Chicken rice at Far East went to no avail. It's not your luck then, chicken rice. Too spicy as usual... all of us needed extra liquid *hehe

After our HOT lunch, we walked towards Paragon and had no idea where to go. Ended up, we were sitting at a cafe in Paragon sipping our coffee, mocha and mint tea. Nice place... but costly huh!

Tatsuro - Diana and Damien - Tatsuro

The cool 3s *hoho

All the best Tatsuro, have lotsa fun there. Do not eat too much curry, take care and cya again next February.

Note: At least we have your pic before you left. Will need this to compare when you return tho *.*

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