Saturday, September 30, 2006

The HULKAS, my Orientation Group for Indonesian Get Together Day 2006, finally has our first official outing. Although not everyone was able to make it, but no worry we still managed to have lotsa crazyness in the house.

Initially, there was an idea of going to Genting Highland and sneak into the casino. Yet, since many of us couldn't make it, we then scrapped the whole idea of KL or Genting. We decided to pay Johor a visit instead.

So, on a bright Tuesday morning, we stepped our feet at Johor and went directly for lunch. Arrived there around 11.20am, we surveyed a few restaurants, hawker centres as well as the infamous Sushi King *hiks..I want. Later, food court is still the best choice as anyone can order whatever they want.

I ordered chicken-mushroom hotplate noodles that cost me only RM 5.25 [around S$2.2] and rainbow Lychee cocktail for RM 2.80 [still cheap lar]. Some of them ordered teriyaki chicken that took ages to come..haha and it's not as nice as expected.

Pose after lunch! Dessert in disguise
Later, we headed for some shopping but ended up playing at the Games Centre. Oldies DDR, car-racing Daytona, and so on were on the list. At this point of time, I excused myself to go and get myself a haircut (can't stand the bang alrd, kept poking my eyes).
In the end, they waited for me at the Games Centre as I took almost 1.5 hour just for a haircut *eh...not my fault also mah*. My hair is short now... 'super short' as Pheebs put it *haha*
Someone even said I look like 15 years old -___-'

Main menu of the day is KARAOKE!!!
An-de-lu was the most hilarious karaoke man. He basically just sang everything on his own. Thanks gosh nothing got broken at that time.
From 2.45-6.15, we had a great time there laughing, singing, dancing, shouting, etc. It's an affordable stress-reliever. Come on...for a karaoke session that includes 2 drinks [1 drink can even change to finger-food] and cost you merely RM16,-...isn't that a good deal??
HULKAS in action.... We can sing, we can dance, what else can't we do?
Introducing new member in the house: Gunawan 'Miss Indonesia' - Kevin's roomie always ON *muahaha

After Karaoke and a yummy brownies with ice-cream... a pose won't killja!

This is the complete HULKAS family, from freshies, Group Leaders to Senior Attach
taken in August'06.

Yah.. a great way to relax and have fun. Man..I lurve it!!

Cya again on another outing trip k.

ps: Notice the 3 different hairstyles *hehe

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