Monday, July 31, 2006

Oww...I have been tagged by Venessa recently.

The Quiz
1. Do the following
2. Choose 5 persons to do this

Favourite Colour: maroon, brown
Favourite Food: spicy, soupy food. Well, I lurve food...yummy food to be exact.
Favourite Song: any nice songs that suit my mood. From melo, slow to punk rock..whatever that is. *Ven, I like the song on your blog.
Favourite Movie: Like Romance Comedy... Jdorama, Kdorama you tell me. Movies that make me shiver, laugh hard and able to let my tears flow at the same time.
Favourite Sport: Galasin???
Favourite Day of the Week: Any day that I am off, free to do my own stuffs.
Favourite Ice Cream: flavour wise I like rum and raisin.

Current Mood: lazzeeee
Current Taste: haven't had my dinner. Am considering: Should I nible?
Current Clothes: shorts and a free flag-day tee
Current Desktop: my one and only Rain
Current Toenail Colour: None
Current Time: 20:29
Current Annoyance: Wanna slack at home..hoho
Current Thoughts: I am nibling now...get away those calories and fats *muahaha

First Best Friend: Katrin...when I was in my Primary school
First Crush: umm.. my puppy love in Primary school hoho
First Movie: I can't remember what was the first movie that I watched since TV is a standard household appliance these days. First movie that I long ago...can't remember as well.
First Lie: meh?
First Music: wah long agoo...

Last Cigarette: in my dream I say
Last Drink: water, water, and lime aloe vera
Last Car Ride: Taxi ride from Changi to my hall
Last Crush: If only...I knew..
Last Phone Call: Alvin
Last CD played: Wah...must be when I was back at home two weeks ago

Have you ever
Have you ever dated one of your best friends: Did I? If so, wouldn't consider it as a date then
Have you ever broken the law: Yeah..jaywalking
Have you ever been arrested: Don't wish myself to be
Have you ever skinny dipped: Walah....watz diz
Have you ever kissed someone you don't know: I am not that wasted...for now

Tag 5 people! Goo, Stella, Tyka, Popz, Anes

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