Thursday, June 08, 2006

When the relationship is not right anymore...
  1. You don't do the things you like anymore just to accompany and please him/her
  2. You do not join your groups of friends simply because you have no time or he/she doesn't like them
  3. Your friends SAY NO to him/her
  4. Your family ask you to STAY AWAY from him/her
  5. You are not the kind of person you used to a negative manner
  6. Always give and no take in return
  7. He/she only takes advantages of you
  8. Emotionally abused, not to mention physically -__-''
  9. You are depressed and pressured because of the relationship
  10. You DO NOT improve as a person
  11. Your grades and performance degrade drastically because of the relationship
  12. More suffering than enjoying
  13. Every activities is more like a monotonous routine and duty
  14. You let go of what you care about and like 'involuntarily'
  15. You are forced to be someone ELSE
  16. Waiting in vain
  17. You feel insecure and always worry about the other half
  18. You keep on assuring yourself that he/she is THE ONE
  19. You refrain from doing something because of him/her [i.e.: You are NOT yourself!]
  20. It's hard to let go but it's hard to stay too...
but maybe....You are NOT right for a relationship too.

**Heya, stop doing something stupid. Get hold of your life... and stop 'hurting' yourself and the people around you.

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