Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Update from life:
  1. Bought my air ticket to Poland *'s so darn expensive. No seats some more. World Cup craze?? Can't wait to go.. [Disclaimer: I am going for an International Congress, not for travelling ar. So, stop saying "'s so fun, AIESEC always go jalan-jalan one". If I wanna go travelling, I prefer to do that during my holiday and not when the school has started.]
  2. Sick and sick...keep on sneezing and had a terrible running nose *So, yeah..officially my first MC leave although I didn't manage to go got the Medical Centre and asked for an MC..woo hoo
  3. Been using packets and packets of tissue paper, even those from my roomie hehe
  4. Managed to clean my wardrobe too and now I have a big luggage full of clothes that I seldom/never wore and I'll bring em back to Indo.
  5. My Professional Internship will end next Friday *woo hoo
  6. Gain another 1kg plus... *arghhh* time to start consuming those tea in my room...whyyy??
  7. Plan to go to Bali, but might have to scrap it now. Mo money and besides not all of my friends can go...aiyaa...
  8. Great Singapore Sale is on and yet no money to spend. Still owe my air flight ticket. But I have Tangs and Paragon's vouchers *hauhauhua*
  9. It's totally living an AIESEC life now. Weekends are spent for AIESEC too ^.*
  10. Going home on 27 June - 24 July... Man, lotsa stuffs to do during holiday!! Fighto everyone.

Yah, now everyone is so caught up with World Cup. Brazil, England, Germany, France, Italy...and watever lar. I used to like football too when I was in primary and secondary school. Still remember when we would accompany daddy to watch the match, and gave unnecessary and pretend-to-be-smart comments. But it was some time ago.

In Singapore, I seldom watch TV, not to mention that I DO NOT have a TV in my room. More over, aiya....where got time? so busy oredi mah... siao meh, later cannot wake up then late to the office... well, dat's it. Nevertheless, the 'feel' is everywhere. In the train, at the roadside, in Mobile TV, people wearing those shoes and jerseys, parties [even in MTV], .... and I gotta say: Soga Bonito rawks. Nice colours... and it's discounted now I guess *wink wink


Oh well, what do you wanna be after you graduate?

What about SIA cabin crew? Is it wrong? Is it inappropriate for a honour degree holder?

I am glad that Lina, my housemate and close fren while we were studying in Penang, supports me. You are my girl. What's wrong with being a cabin crew? Is it not 'hi-class' enough huh!

Think abut it, as Sharon and her cousin put it so well: We are still young and we have the time and capability to do things that we like. Go out and explore while we can. The degree is still there no matter what. Thanks ar!!

Yah, I can learn alot of things too: grooming myself, self-presentation [wondering why the SIA girls all look like dolls?], communication skills, networking, servicing, etc. Most importantly, tourism and hospitality field are growing, and they definitely need people with strong experience to deal with 'real people' out there. scary a customer can be!

Whaddya think? Join me?

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