Friday, June 23, 2006

The best thing about Birthday is not the presents that you received, not how many people attended your party *if there's any*...but how many people actually remember it. 'Coz for me this shows that they do care. Well, although some may need a reminder from the BirthdayAlarm or Friendster, but the fact that they still take the effort to greet and congratulate you shows that you ARE worth caring for ^.*

Thanks a lot my friends for making my first Birthday in Singapore a remarkable one *and those non-stop SMSes at the office hehe

A surprise Birthday party thrown by my AIESEC family. Thanks all, never truly expected it. Yummy choco cake *woo hoo

Oh yeah..please do not sing so loudly AGAIN!! -__-'

Wow... a new boyfriend as my Birthday gift?

Hahaha... *jk jk...Thanks for coming Graeme*

My lovely AIESEC family, thanks for colouring my life -- and Birthday--
L to R: Graeme - Canada, Adam - UK, Melissa - Canada, Parkie - Korea/Germany, Sharon - Singapore, Diana - earth, Chin Yoong - Malaysia, Tisa - Indonesia, Imran - the tiny red dot.

Ouch....another culprit returned early... and he is

Made in and from Indonesia ^o^

The mentorship and chill-out session that turned into a surprise party ^.*
Thanks muchie all

And in order to gain more weight, I was invited for a dinner *with another choco cake...waks..

And I really have to say....It's fattening guys!! But it's AWESOME *hehe* Gracias.
In da pics: Oscar, Lele, Herry and me :)

But as I entered my 22nd year of life, I also have to part with my friends in eMTePe.
I finished my internship there last Friday and although I did not manage to take pics with all of them, at least I secure the nice, cool and siao colleagues.

Linda [black], Carrie [green] and Hiromi [MTV hoodie]
Gonna miss you all...
*weep weep

And of course not to forget, my greatest supervisor, Yvonne. She is very protective and willing to let me learn and explore a lot of things. I just like her style.

Thanks for the farewell cum Bdae lunch, I really burst my tummy. From the unique appetizers, salad, main course to the dessert and beverages, they were purr-fect *muahaha*
All the best to you too and have fun in Tibet.

Heya friends, thanks for all the SMSes and unexpected gifts and surprises k. From Singapore to Jakarta to China to Australia to Malaysia and even a phone call from Japan...Man, pardon me. I need to weep for a while k.

And yeah, to complete it, a cute [I put cute for you here arr] Brazilian sent his best regards via MSN *pedala for you William haha*

"I wish you all the best for you! here´s my e-testimonial: these two months in Singapore wouldn´t be so nice if you weren´t my friend during this period! Even being as far as possible from you (some 20000 KM!), I still remember some great times we have there and hope we can still meet again! Happy birthday, once again! :) "

-William, Brazil-

Words can't express what I'm feeling inside, but the gratefulness is always there. Thanks for being part of my life!! Lurve yaa...

ps: I'm off now... to Jakarta. Be back in a month's time. Sit tight and take care all.

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